A wheel is a MUST for a hedgehog!

It will provide hours of entertainment and good exercise for your pet. DO NOT use a wire wheel designed for a rodent. Your hedgie’s feet can slip through and cause serious injury or broken legs. Don’t buy anything smaller than a 10″ wheel.

Excellent wheels, and most recommended, can be bought from hedgehog breeders making ‘bucket’ or ‘cake top’ wheels (such as  Carolina Storm Hedgehogs).

Example of Bucket Wheel from Carolina Storm Hedgehogs

Example of Bucket Wheel from Carolina Storm Hedgehogs

Many pet stores carry the  Comfort Wheel (12″ or giant), making them easier to find and buy.  They will also work well, but can be harder to clean and tend to be louder.


It’s perfectly normal for a hedgie to poop and urinate while running in the wheel. Place a litter pan beneath the wheel to catch the run-off and encourage your hedgie to use the litter pan. Scrub the wheels daily to prevent your hedgie’s feet from getting infected.