Shopping List

Before you bring home a new quilly family member, it is important to have a comfortable home ready! (Click on each category for more information)

  • Cage – Solid bottom, proper ventilation (no glass aquariums), at least 4 square feet of surface area
  • Bedding – Many owners find fleece the easiest to clean and use,  just buy it at a fabric store and cut to size. You can also use recycled paper product such as Carefresh, or aspen shavings. Never use cedar or clumping cat litter.
  • Food and Water Dishes
  • Wheel – Solid running surface (no wire), at least 10-12″ diameter, ‘Comfort Wheels‘ or homemade bucket wheels are the most recommended.
  • Food – Look for ‘chicken’ or ‘chicken meal’ as the first ingredient, protein should be 28-34%, fat 9-15%
  • Heat Set-up – Cage needs to be 73-78 degrees at all times, have a plan for how you will ensure this happens.
  • Cleaning supplies – Wheels may need daily cleaning, cages and accessories need to be cleaned weekly.  Always use non-toxic cleaners, and unscented whenever possible.  Some people like to use baby wipes. We use a solution of vinegar and water.  Fleece needs to be washed in ‘free and clear’ detergents with no dyes or perfumes.
  • Baby Nail Clippers – You will need to trim their nails and we have found these to be the easiest to use.