Traveling and spending time away from your pets can be stressful.  Trust me, I know! I would write out pages of care notes and check in with my hedgie-sitter daily just to make sure everything was still okay, and it was only for a weekend.

Hedgehog Haven is a place you can trust to understand your quill-baby’s specific needs and your wishes.  Your hedgehog will be welcomed into my home and given the same care and attention as my very own, including daily health checks, handling, and cage clean up.  It will be like a vacation for him or her too.  And, yes, you can contact me as often as you like to check in on your little one!

I also offer boarding for other small cage animals, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, sugar gliders, ferrets, etc.  If it lives primarily in a cage, I can board it and give it love while you are away!

Prices per hedgehog (or other small animal):
You supply cage and accessories: $5 per day (per cage)
Boarding + rental cage and accessories: $7 per day
Live in Roseburg area? I can come to your house: $10 per day ($2 extra per additional pet, no dogs please, as they require additional time).

Contact me for space availability and details.


You can relax knowing your hedgehog is in good hands.