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If you are interested in adopting please read through our Hedgehog Care section first, then  fill out an application and contact me soon!

2/5/16 Update: adorable little Violet has finally found a perfect loving home!

This tiny little girl was turned into us when her owner recognized she wasn’t able to provide the attention and care she needed.  She spent her 2-years of life in an empty bin with no wheel or toys.  She came to us very underweight.  She also has ‘special needs’, she is missing some teeth and needs her food softened so that she can eat it. She also needs her weight and food intake monitored carefully to make sure she is eating enough.  She’s very small, pinto coloring, and has a curious and on-the-go personality.  She needs a forever home that can keep her warm, give her daily attention,  and monitor her food intake.


Violet needs a family to love her!

Tiny little Violet

Tiny little Violet



Briar Rose (“Rose”) (pictured below) is another rescue that has come to us from California.  She is under a year old, but has already been through several homes and has had a neglectful past. She is understandably very shy and not very trusting of humans.  She is otherwise very healthy and will be looking for a family that promises not to give up on her this time.

UPDATE: Rose has found a great forever home!


Briar Rose


Briar Rose


Did you know hedgehogs are illegal in California and some other states? I just got back from a 16+ hour round trip through California to get some hedgehogs that were in need up to Oregon in order to receive proper care.

Here is the California Crew and their stories:

The Bandit

The Bandit

This big boy is called The Bandit, he’s a hefty 600 grams, but has a large frame so it is healthy on him. His original owner was possibly an animal hoarder and he lived in a garage with many other exotics. Owner posted him on Craig’s List for rent money. She said she hadn’t seen his face in 7 months. This poor boy is very fearful and anxious. He is still learning to trust humans and very rarely allows a glimpse of his adorable face. He will play on his wheel as long as he is certain no one is around. It took lots of quiet patience to finally get a picture of this darling boy. His fearfulness is an example of what happens when someone gets a hedgehog but then loses interest and neglects him.

*Bandit is not available for adoption because he is needing rehab and socialization.



Taft is so outgoing and loves to play. He was originally from a breeder in OR, given as a gift to a college student who moved to CA and then didn’t want the responsibility anymore. He was relinquished in a cardboard box. He is a little over a year old and a healthy weight. He did not have a wheel in his original home and enjoys to play on one now, but his favorite past time is re-arranging his cage when I’m not looking. He is hard to photograph because he is so curious and wants to check it all out!

*Update: Taft has found a forever home!



I’ve started calling this tiny little nugget Pistachio. She was abandoned in a rental home when the tenant moved out. The person who then took her in had her a month and decided she didn’t want her either. Pistachio was not being fed the correct diet and as a result she is extremely underweight and malnurished. Her sides are sunken in and she is very weak. This poor girl wobbles when she walks, and drops her back legs from time to time. I’m really hoping it is something that will improve as she gets better nutrition and exercise, and not something more serious. She has unique red eyes and the longest tail I’ve ever seen on a hedgehog! Pistachio loves mealworms and an old sock she drags with her everywhere.

*Update: Pistachio has found a forever home!



Macadamia – This old soul is around 6 years old. She came to me with a Urinary Tract Infection and losing a lot of blood. I’m treating with antibiotics throughout the day. She also has some missing teeth and receding gums. Other than that she is healthy and spunky. Her owner just got tired of her and wasn’t giving her attention anymore. Macadamia absolutely loves her new-found hobby – wheel running (proof that an old hedgehog can learn a new trick)! She enjoys cuddles as long as she is left alone to just sleep on your lap.

*Macadamia is not available for adoption due to her need for health care and her senior age.

UPDATE: Sadly we had to help Macadamia cross over on 10/24/15. She was such a sweet old girl and we loved her dearly.  She had an enlarged heart and kept on fighting but was suffering greatly.  She left this world well loved and will be greatly missed.


A group of 8 hedgies were relinquished out of Portland, OR. They were kept in deplorable, neglectful conditions, tiny containers in a garage and used for breeding. Some have found homes already, some are needing rehab and aren’t ready for adoption, but these four are from that same rescue and looking for homes.  Here they are below, their adoptions are being handled by West Coast Hedgehogs, visit their website for more information:

*Update: all these little cuties have found a home!

Dotty Mega-Hog Sparkle vonderosa

 2/10/15:  Hedgehog Haven does not currently have any available rescues, but here are are a few rescues available now from our friends at West Coast Hedgehogs, located in Corvallis Oregon:

Arya - West Coast Hedgehogs

Arya – West Coast Hedgehogs

Arya: This active, curious 2yr old girl is a joy to watch explore, just a bit shy with handling and may do better in an experienced home.  Contact West Coast Hedgehogs for more info on Arya!

*Arya has now found a forever home.


Freya – West Coast Hedgehogs

Freya is ready for her forever home! She came to the rescue pregnant and extremely underweight and was thankfully able to successfully raise her boys who have now been placed in great homes. She is waiting on her own home if you’d like to invite her into your family! She is only about 7 months old, healthy, and should warm up well to someone with confident handling.

*Freya has now found her forever home.

**Update 12/1/14: Max (pictured below) has found the perfect patient and loving forever home. We will miss him but are confident he is in great care.

11/10/14:  Just in- “Max” is an adorable 3 year old male.  His former human parents weren’t able to give him the time and attention he needed.  Right now he is very shy and scared so we are working on his socialization before finding his forever home.

Max - What an adorable teddy-bear face!

Max – What an adorable teddy-bear face!

10/12/14: Daisy, pictured below-

Daisy WCH

Adorable Daisy and her dirty little feet are looking for a new home! Daisy was brought back to us recently because her young caretaker decided she wasn’t fully prepared for the responsibility. Daisy is only just over 3 months old and is very sweet once she warms up to you.  Please contact West Coast Hedghehogs for details if you’re interested in giving her a forever home!

*UPDATE:  Daisy has found a forever family!


UPDATE: Pinecone (pictured below) has found his forever home!!

9/9/14:  This boy has just arrived, but he has some health issues we are working on first.  He also did not get enough attention and needs to be socialized.  Hoping he will be all fixed up, trusting of humans again, and ready for a forever home by the end of October! If we can’t get him healed and socialized, he will stay with us permanently.


If you are interested in adopting please read through our Hedgehog Care section first, then  fill out an application and contact me soon!



Meet Hendrix! Check out those ears!

DSCF6047_2 Hendrix

Thank you for considering adopting a rescue animal!  Just like saving a dog from the shelter instead of buying a puppy from a mill, you are helping save a life.

You become the hero to an animal in need.


To adopt from us or be added to the wait-list, please read through our Hedgehog Care section first, then complete an Adoption Application  and email us.


Like us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information, announcements, and first look look at available rescues!


 We do not breed or sell hedgehogs.  We adopt them out to approved forever families for an adoption fee that goes directly back to the hedgehogs and allows us to continue rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

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  1. Denise Williams says:

    What is the life span of a hedgehog? Do you have to keep them away from all other animals?

    • They typically live 3-6 years, with the average being between 4 and 5 years old. They can interact with other animals depending on the animal, some are overly curious or aggressive and might hurt the hedgehog.

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