Welcome to Hedgehog Haven!

Hedgehog soft heart

Hedgehog Rescue, Adoption, Care and Education

Hedgehog Haven is a nonprofit hedgehog rescue station in Roseburg, Oregon, primarily serving Eugene to Medford, but all of Oregon as needed.  We are an official rescue station and affiliate of the international 501(c)(3) nonprofit Hedgehog Welfare Society.

Thinking of getting a hedgehog? Start with our Hedgehog Care Page.
Leaving town?  Contact us about hedgehog boarding!

RESCUE.   Have a hedgehog that needs a home? Hedgehog Haven takes in hedgehogs in need of rescue from unsafe or neglected environments; in need of vet care that is not otherwise being provided; or just in need of finding a new home when the owner is no longer able to provide care.  Please contact us if you have, or know of, a hedgehog in need of finding its perfect forever home.

We have recently expanded our abilities and services and are able to provide rescue to other small animals in need, such as sugar gliders, guinea pigs, hamsters, possums, etc.

ADOPTION.   We may adopt out some of these rescues and rehomes to carefully selected loving forever families.  Please contact us if you are interested in adopting a rescue!  We do not breed or sell hedgehogs.  We adopt them out to approved forever families for an adoption fee that goes directly back to the hedgehogs and allows us to continue rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

EDUCATION.   Need help?  We also provide education and support to fellow hedgehog owners.  We are available through email to answer questions and provide advice, and will try to respond as soon as possible.  Please take time to look through the Care section, it is full of the most accurate information. No charge for our support, we do it because we love these spiky little critters and want what’s best for them.

We are nonprofit and depend on donations to continue our efforts. 100% of donations go directly to the rescued hedgehogs for their care and vet needs. 

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1 Response to Welcome to Hedgehog Haven!

  1. erinn botta says:

    I work at petsmart on willamette in eugene and am interested in having you become an adoption partner with us. We would then be able to have you come to the store here and adopt out hedgies as well as give info to the public on proper care and your rescue efforts. Would you contact me by phone? My number is 541-603-7921. Thanks!

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